As a Writer...

It took me a really long time to identify as a writer despite having this incredible desire to articulate myself and my ideas. By continuing to write I have realized that what I do is make people think, self-reflect, question, and become more self-aware. I also remind people of what they already know. My writing is often reflective of my own experiences in life as I go through aiming to be a better person myself. My writing serves as an invitation for self-exploration with the comfort of knowing no one is alone. 

Excerpts from Book in Progress



Neuroscience Blog

I am the Founding CEO of Centre for Applied Neuroscience (CAN). Our mission is to make neuroscience more accessible to so you CAN know your brain! In addition to running courses, coaching one-on-one, we also have a library with a blog and videos. I do most of the writing but also have some of my students write for me too.  You can also visit my company blog at

SfN 2014 Official Meeting Blog

SfN 2014 Official Meeting Blog

Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, & Baby Blog

Getting pregnant, being pregnant, and planning for a birth has been an experience all on its own and worthy of a whole separate narrative and commentary. That's what I offer in this blog, filled with personal experience, science, and things to think about.

Mind Body Heart Blog

I write about lots of different things but mostly my work involves some aspect of self-reflection, which serves as an invitation for readers (and myself) to better understand themselves, their minds, their brains, their behaviours, and their emotions.

My Ultimate (Frisbee) Blog 

As a long-term ultimate (frisbee) player (and former all-round competitive athlete), I enjoy the sport psychology of playing and competing. I have worked as sport psychology trainers for a several teams and write about several aspects of playing.  

My Failure Blog

Recently, I started a blog devoted to capture trials and errors. It was inspired by the many talks I have done and seen embracing failure. The missing like, I think, is the failure-as-it-happens stories. Real. Raw. Vulnerable. That's what this is suppose to be about.

A full list of Scholarly and Other Publications are available here.