Mandy Wintink, PhD

Author. Teacher. Provocateur. 

I have spent most of my life learning about the mind and the brain from a variety of perspectives, including psychology, neuroscience, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection.  To me, the mind/brain is one of the most interesting things on this earth. I believe we could all use a better understand of how the mind and brain work in order to help us think, feel, and do better as inhabitants of this earth and beyond.  I share my experiences in hopes of inviting others into the amazing world of the mind - mine, yours, and those all around us.



My book & my blog offer an invitation into our inner workings.

Life is an amazing teacher. Each and every day there are experiences that we encounter that can encourage reflection and awareness. I write about these experiences with openness and intelligence using them as an opportunity to teach others about who, why, and how they are. My writing is an invitation to think and explore.


I love to share these ideas in front of big or small groups of people. 

In workshops, lectures, and keynotes, I bring openness, humour, and intelligence to motivate, inspire, and enlighten an audience of any sort. Want me to be sciencey? Sure... want me to be raw and tell my story? Absolutely. Want me to provoke deep thinking and get the brains of your organization storming? Indeed! 



We can work one-on-one to tackle some of these concepts together.

I can guide you toward a deeper sense of self-awareness, provide you with feedback on your current work, and challenge you to go even deeper and work harder to shine even brighter! I can help you understand YOU better and with that, you can do, feel, and think better using your brain to its fuller capacity. 




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