Mandy Wintink, PhD

Educator. Author. Speaker. Life Coach. CEO. Social Entrepreneur. Provocateur. Mother. Woman. Athlete. Yogi. Body Monologer.

My Book

In September, 2016, I published my first book entitled Self Science - A Guide to the Mind and Your Brain's Potential. It is a book about gaining self-knowledge by learning how the brain works. Author and neuroscientist, Mandy Wintink believes that we can know more about our own mind and brain and, as a result, can improve many aspects of your life, including happiness, wellness, success, self-care, and even careers. The book covers topics such as stress reduction, the value of being optimistic versus pessimistic, the nature of our motivation and passion, and practices like yoga and mindfulness as ways to work with and strengthen the mind and brain. The variety of reflective exercises and chapter assignments that are embedded throughout are fun and really enhance the learning experience so that readers learn more about both neuroscience and themselves.  

My Company

The Centre for Applied Neuroscience is the company I founded in 2010, which exists to bring neuroscience into every day life, ultimately so we can live well, happily, and to our fullest potential. Through learning about how our brain works, we get to know ourself better and with deeper self knowledge we can make better decision that will impact upon our happiness, wellness, and success. These skills are taught through one-on-one life coaching, lectures, personal development classes, and workplace soft skills training and development. 


I have been speaking publicly for over 15 years. In addition to presenting on my research as a scientist and teaching at the university level, I also speak to the general public about every-day neuroscience, self-awareness, personal development, innovation in post-secondary education, women's equality, community development. Some of my favorite topics include:

  • Success Through Failure with the Brain in Mind
  • Brain Health & Wellness
  • Optimism & Positive Thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Motherhood & Parenting
  • Postpartum