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Published Peer-Reviewed Scientific Papers  

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Magazine Articles

Wintink, A.J. (2013). Ibuprofen and Digestion. Optimyz Magazine (Nov/Dec)

Wintink, A.J. (2012). The Health Benefits of a Calorie-Restricted Diet. Optimyz Magazine. (May/June issue) 

Wintink, A.J. (2012). The Sex Continuum. Optimyz Magazine. (Mar/Apr issue, in press.)

Wintink, A.J. (2012). Epigenetics & Cancer, Part 2. Optimyz Magazine. (Jan/Feb issue)

Wintink, A.J. (2011). Epigenetics & Cancer, Part 1. Optimyz Magazine. (Nov/Dec issue)

 Wintink, A.J.  (2011). Laser Eye Surgery: When is Performance Enhancing Too Much? Optimyz Magazine. (Sep/Oct issue).

Wintink, A.J. (2011). Homeopathy: Where Less is More. Optimyz Magazine. (July/Aug issue).  

Wintink, A.J.  (2011). The Runner’s High. Optimyz Magazine. (May/Jun issue).

Wintink, A.J.  (2011). The Wandering Mind is Not a Happy One. Optimyz Magazine. (Mar/Apr issue).

Wintink, A.J.  (2011). Food For Thought: Brain Nutrition. Optimyz Magazine. (Jan/Feb issue). *This was the first issue of Canada-Wide Distribution of Optimyz Magazine.

Wintink, A.J. (2010). Yoga – The Next Miracle Drug? Optimyz Magazine. (Nov/Dec issue). Atlantic Canada distribution only, readership of 75 000.

Wintink, A.J. (2010). Tanning Salons and Cancer. Optimyz Magazine. (Sep/Oct issue).

Wintink, A.J. (2010). Using Viruses to Fight Cancer. Optimyz Magazine. (Jul/Aug issue).

Wintink, A.J. (2010). Work-Life Balance. Optimyz Magazine. (May/Jun issue). 

Wintink, A.J. (2010). Meditation and the Brain. Optimyz Magazine. (Mar/Apr issue).     

Wintink, A.J. (2010). Hormones: The Influence of Synthetic and Plant-Based Hormones as Disruptors to Our Endocrine System. Optimyz Magazine. (Jan/Feb issue).

Wintink, A.J. (2009). The Mind Workout: Exercise Promotes Learning and Emotional Wellness. Optimyz Magazine. (Nov/Dec issue).

Wintink, A.J. Shoulders Back – Open Heart. (2009). Kripalu Yoga Bulletin, International Magazine. 

* N.B. Optimyz Magazine is a Health, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Mind Magazine distributed across Canada with a readership of 300 000. The articles above are part of a regular science column that I wrote from the Nov/Dec, 2009 issue through till May/June, 2012 issue, inclusive.

Resource Guides

Wintink, A.J. Let Your Talents Guide Your Way! Planning Your Career Beyond High School. (2008). Resource Section in Add It Up, by Anne Richards, MD. – A Graphic Novel for Teenagers diagnosed with ADHD. Publisher: Communication Ebmed Inc. Sponsored by Shire Pharmaceutical.