In honour of my new failure blog, today I did 3 things liable to result in failure. I actually, I don't think I actually did these in honor of it, I actually just did them, likely provoked by the idea of blogging about failures.

This is what I did:

1. I applied for a job at Sheridan College for "Director of Career Education". It's a temporary job and I think it could be fun. A big part of me wants to make an impact on the post-secondary education system. I tried to do that with a mentorship, experiential, personalized-curriculum organization that I co-founded a few years ago called UExperience. It was dismantled about a year after going public with it. It was a failure... but I'm ok with that one. I feel like I have other things to do before I come back to that idea.

2. I applied for a job at Humber College for the Assistant Program Head of Psychology, although I already know I will fail because I just re-read the job ad and only NOW realize that it was actually for University of Guelph-Humber College, which is NOT Humber College. Oh well, I probably would not have applied if I realized it correctly.

3. I tweeted @Ideacitynews and asked how I could get invited to talk at IdeaCity2015. They responded and told me to send a pitch. I just did. We'll see what happens.

Worst case scenario I hear nothing from any of these.

What I did NOT do, was write anything related to my manuscript.
AuthorMandy Wintink