As a yoga practitioner

the practice have been instrumental in helping me develop deep mind, body, and self awareness. Through yoga, I learned to listen to my 30yr+ body in a way that gave me more physical strength than I had ever experienced before in my younger body. My athleticism was literally rejuvenated through yoga. The athlete in me was happy about that. But broader than that, yoga gave me insight into what my body was telling me and what it was wanting, which further enhanced my already good intuition skills, reduced injuries, and affirmed my own inner strength. Through yoga (and a meditation practice) my mind also becomes quieter and more focussed. For me, the combination of the physical, emotional, and mental practice of yoga has become a deep and integral part of who I am, where I have been, and where I am going. 

As a yoga teacher

my main goal is to help others develop a deeper sense of awareness so that they can cultivate a healthier and more mentally sophisticated relationship with their body. I encourage individuality on the mat (and in life!) because I recognize we are all very unique beings. I also try to encourage this individuality as a window into intuition. Eventually, my students do learn to listen to their bodies, to follow their own lead, and to be, phrases that start off as yoga "jargon" but over time become embodied wisdom.  

Here are some mini yoga segments to help with developing your own inner wisdom. :)