What can I do for you? I'm happy to help .



From keynote speaking to training employees with new skills based on neuroscience, I've got it covered. My specialities are making people think... often differently... about topics like how we use failure to our advantage, how to take care our selves and our brains, how to think positively, how to build community and trust, and how to promote creative and innovative thinking. Whatever the topic it's always a blend of neuroscience, thinking, and skill development with a twist of my own personal experience to help people understand that we are all imperfect humans trying to be better at life.



I like to coach SOME people... I like to work with people who like to think and have already been doing some amount of personal development and need some help steering themselves in the right direction. If you're looking for someone to tell you what to do, sorry, I can't be that person. Coaching is about asking you the hard (and easy) questions that will ultimately help you figure this out on your own. But I like to ask questions and I'm not afraid to ask the obvious and hard ones!