Life Coaching.

If you choose to work with me I will challenge, question, and provoke you to become the person you know you are inside. You have to do the hard work associated with personal development but I will be there to support you with guidance. I will be incredibly interested in your life and curious about who you are, who you were, and who you want to be. I  am excited to see you change and about the process of change itself while also believing that you are an amazing person right now.  I help you remove obstacles and see the potential within you.  I create accountability in your life so you know someone cares about you. I have been called a "guardian angel" by one of my clients because I am always looking out for your best interest. I provide feedback and perspective to help you see opportunities and ways in which you can achieve your success in whichever forum that exists for you. I will teach you how to use your brain and your mind more efficiently, how to be healthier in mind and body, and how to develop a sense of self awareness that will deepen your understanding of what you want in life. I like to push you beyond your comfort zone (strategically and empathetically) and show you what is possible inside of you. If this sounds fun, challenging, and rewarding, then great! It will be. Let’s get together!

I work to challenge, question, celebrate, and support you by combining my expertise in psychology, counselling, sports coaching, and mentoring to offer you an empowering and positive experience. Although I can help you through many life circumstances, I have developed coaching expertise in the following areas: 

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  • Career Coaching      
  • Work-Life Balance, Stress Management, Relaxation, General Self Care & Self Advocacy
  • Relationships/Dating Support
  • Workplace Performance
  • Education & Academic Coaching
  • Athletic Performance
  • Project Management: Getting that THING (whatever it might be) done! 
  • Prenatal Coaching

Together, we make things happen.

The initial session is $200+HST (75-90 minute session + follow-up email).  Follow-up sessions (~60 min) are $165+HST.


I fully believe happiness, satisfaction, and purpose-driving lives are available to everyone. I will support you in your journey toward finding the life (or birth) that you want!